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Write to a feminist blog offering them $100.00 for every day that they don’t use the world “problematic”

Yeah ladies, those words you’re using to describe your problems with things are getting on the nerves of some people.

You won the vote, what more could you possibly want? Certainly, all things are equal now, and your blogs and your protests and your marches are just fucking whining—God, women, am I right?

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#douchebag things to say #it ~mysterious~ disappeared but #you know #what the fuck ever #i’m calling you out #and people were agreeing and this is just #extremely gross#sexism #feminism

Oh my god you’re not kidding are you

I’m not criticizing the useage of the word “problematic”
It’s just a thing I’ve noticed?

Holy fuck 

oh my god

is that person

for real like

as in they’re a real person and they actually think that way because if so i don’t want to live on this planet anymore with crazy women like that hold me pls :(